Sunday, December 8, 2013

An open letter to Adora Bull (or, The Top Five Reasons Paul Walker's Death is a Tragedy")

Ms. Bull,
I mentioned to a friend that I was shocked and upset to see the headline of your Modern Woman Digest article, The Top Five Reasons We're Glad Paul Walker Died.  My friend replied, “Nelson Mandela died this week, and all anyone is talking about is Paul Walker”.   Then I read that you were perplexed that you had received death threats, that your car had been vandalized, and that you had gone into hiding.  There seems to be some confusion as to why people are so troubled by Paul Walker's death (or why people are so angry with you for writing what you did) so please allow me explain.

Although there probably are a handful of celebrity worshipers that are saddened by Walker's death because they place him on some pedestal, that is not the case with all of us.  I don't follow celebrity gossip, I didn't know Paul Walker in private life, and I didn't particularly enjoy his films.  I will admit with cold honesty that although Mr. Walker shared the same job title as such shining talents as Lawrence Olivier and Marlon Brando, he didn't have even half their talent.  Can we agree the value of a man's life does not come from the quality of work he produced?  Paul Walker was not only an actor, he was also a philanthropist, a father, and a son.

Nelson Mandela lived to be ninety five years old; we should all be blessed with so long a life.   Paul Walker was barely forty years old.  His parents are burying their son.  The man's daughter no longer has a father.  My heart goes out to Paul Walker's family.  Nelson Mandela fulfilled his life's potential with noble dignity.  That is his legacy.  Any potential that Paul Walker's life had has evaporated.  His death is a tragedy.  The thought that his family members might have heard word of your article fills me with dread.

I'm not upset upset by your callousness towards Walker's death because I worship celebrities.  I didn't follow Walker's career, let alone his personal life.  The only details of his life that I know came from the news article announcing his death.  Again, the value of his life has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the films he made. I'm stunned that you don't understand this.

In a follow up story by Modern Woman Digest you told that people have sent you death threats and vandalized your car.  You said, “my car is completely destroyed because people have the poor taste to worship some of the worst movies ever made.”  No.  You misunderstand.  Those people might not have even known who Paul Walker was before reading your article.  They destroyed your car because they are outraged by your callous indifference to the death of another human being.  Your unfeeling attitude towards death clearly demonstrates inexperience with the subject.  Had you known what it is like to bury a child you wouldn't have written that article.  And that you described the men who vandalized your car as having poor taste plainly establishes that you have no sense of self.

Paul Walker, in all his mediocrity, was more successful at acting than you are at anything.  In the last decade Paul Walker paid more money in taxes than you will earn working your entire life.  I'm guessing that you hoped shock value would earn you fame in spite of your own lack of talent.  You aren't edgy.  You aren't Salman Rushdie, and you certainly aren't the poster child for free speech.  You're an embarrassment to Modern Woman's Digest and you are the literary equivalent of that bit of undigested peanut in a turd.

I sincerely wish you long life.  I sing praises that you have the freedom to express yourself in whatever degenerate manner you see fit.  I hope that the people who are calling for your death do not make good on their threats.  My dream for you is that your story is one of personal growth - that you come to understand the gravity of death without having to taste it yourself - and that you come to appreciate the need for sensitivity for those who are mourning without experiencing the suffering that comes from burying a loved one.

Hugs and kisses,
Danny G

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