Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oops, you found me!

I originally made this blog as a way of getting intimate things off my chest.  Things I wouldn't even say to my family.  I figured I'd just put it out there for strangers to read.  I honestly believe that if you keep shit locked up inside it turns into something bad.  Like cancer.  I had some garbage I really needed to get out of me.  So I made this blog under a false name and figured that no one would know it was me posting it (save the one person that I told about it - hi, Linds).

A couple people have now mentioned this blog to me, and I found myself being quite alarmed that they knew about it.  It's supposed to be secret.  They found it by googling the name of the film I'm working on.  I removed the name of the film from this blog, but it's still turning up on google.

I have a certain amount of anxiety about this.  As far as I know, my family is unaware of my atheism.  That's just a whole can of squirming worms I'd really not like to open anytime soon.  I'd really be uncomfortable if a certain ex-girlfriend of mine read this.  ...or her sister.  Also, now that I know people that are close to me are reading it, I'm no longer able to express myself freely.

So if you've read this blog - you know me in real life - and your name isn't Lindsay, congratulations!  You've stumbled upon something that I never intended you to see.  Something intimate and personal.  Enjoy.  It may or may not be here tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

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